We want to make our tutoring service as affordable as possible, so that everyone on Earth has fair access to world-class education. To do that, our pricing structure is transparent and favours group learning. Groups can range in size from up to four students, eight students and even 100 students.

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The more pupils that learn together, the fewer beans you’ll need to spend (and the cheaper the cost of the session). All of our sessions, no matter how many students, are taught by top-quality teachers who know how to make learning engaging and inspiring. Lessons are one hour long unless otherwise stated.

What are beans?

Beans are what we call our account credits. Beans cost £3.50 each, or £2.50 each if you buy one of our bean bundles.

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Up to 100 students

Bean Price £3.50pp

1 Bean
Bean Bundles Price £2.50pp

Up to 8 students

Bean Price £17.50pp

5 Beans
Bean Bundles Price £12.50pp

Up to 4 students

Bean Price £37.50pp

15 Beans
Bean Bundles Price £52.50pp

1 student in class


No beans accepted

One-on-one sessions are available to book via money payments.

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Did you hear about the little bean who looked just like his dad?

Like fava, like son!

(Yes, I know this is a seed, not a bean, but you get the point)