Our Team

Matthew Shribman

Head Teacher & Co-Founder

Matthew’s mission is to make science as accessible as oxygen. You can find out more about Matthew on his teacher bio page here.

Henry Waite

Director & Co-Founder

Henry is a Chemistry graduate from the University of Oxford and a governor at a school in Tower Hamlets. Henry has a love of communicating the wonders of nature, particularly pangolins and sharks! With a headteacher for a mum, Henry is highly appreciative of the impact teachers can have on individuals and the world.

Maryann Henderson

Deputy Head

Maryann comes from a family of educators and trained as a Secondary School Teacher in New Zealand. She oversees the day-to-day running of the school, and works across all of strategy, planning, communication, production and locating the best memes.

Steph Lau

Head of Engagement & Development

Steph is passionate about ensuring all children, no matter their background, can access an inspiring education. For the past few years, Steph has supported social enterprises and tech startups with business development, research, and writing.

Writer, Guest Coordinator & International Lead

Elizabeth is a writer and educator based in sunny Lisbon, Portugal. With a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Master’s in French, Elizabeth is deeply interested how language connects, directs, and changes us. After hearing about AimHi’s incredible mission to provide accessible, inspiring lessons to students all around the world, Elizabeth joined the team to help with writing, promotion, and guest coordination.

Fayrouz Dridi

Video Editor & Creative Lead

Passionately curious about the tiniest particles in the universe to the largest cosmic structures, Fay's mission is to make AimHi's voice resonate deeply with our learners through the artistic development of our lesson recordings.

Abi Thomson

Outreach Officer

Abi studied the not-so-obvious combo of French and Chinese at Edinburgh University, and has spent the last few years between the UK and China, studying, working and dabbling in teaching. Abi joined the team to help with outreach, inspired by AimHi’s mission to connect students worldwide with charismatic educators.

Daniel Olabode

Live Producer

Daniel is a creative director, video editor and general techie. Daniel has experience developing and working with education-focused tech start-ups as well as being a filmmaker. Check out his portfolio website or follow him on Instagram.

Felicity Christensen

Outreach Volunteer

Felicity is passionate about making a positive difference and has worked in not-for-profit communications for the past five years, with her work taking her as far abroad as India. Inspired by what she saw at AimHi, Felicity came aboard to support with communications and strategy, to spread the word about AimHi's mission and help as many students as possible access inspirational learning wherever they are. In her spare time Felicity enjoys climbing and baking.

Polly Gregson


Polly is a writer and researcher specialising in climate change, and is supporting AimHi whilst working at the Eden Project. She lives between Cornwall and Les Landes and likes surfing and earthworms.

James Lemon

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

James is an illustrator who likes to create fun and vibrant imagery. He has worn many hats through his working career but has now settled on a life of illustration. He now reserves the hats, accessories and jewellery for all the characters he creates. James hopes to support AimHi by providing fun engaging illustrations for a cause he believes in.

Yadiana S. Gibert

Video Editor

Yadiana is an Editor and Filmmaker from Havana, Cuba having studied at the University of Kent after being awarded a fully-funded Chevening Scholarship to study Film in the UK  at the University of Kent. Yadiana volunteered as a film teacher for children between 8 and 10 years old, working alongside community leaders to bring cameras and equipment to children with difficult access to education in Cuba.

Fred Bratley 

Video Editor

Fred is a Film & Literature graduate and creative jack of all trades. He is a devout believer in the edutaining power of new media and pleased to make AimHi a part of his continuing education

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