Nature, soil and the future of food

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What next?

What can we do right now?

Get your students or school involved

Talk to your students about joining you in these actions. Explain to them why each action can be so positive and powerful. Encourage them to talk to their families about it. Try to build a movement to get your whole school to take action too.

Always remember that your students’ personal circumstances could mean that they find it difficult to join you in taking these actions. This can lead to feelings of guilt and powerlessness.

This is why it’s so important to frame actions not as negatives if they’re not done, but as enormous positives if they are.

Eat differently

Ditch animal products

Encourage your institution to take a small but impactful first step in their canteens and commit to #NoBeef or Meat Free Monday. Or go all the way, and pledge to Plate Up For The Planet and receive recipes, tips, inspiration and motivation while you’re at it.

Make farmers the heroes

Empower farmers to employ farming practises that put the soil first, storing more carbon and improving human health, by purchasing food grown organically. If you’re in the UK, check out Riverford’s Organic Veg Boxes which can be sent straight to your school or home.