Look What You Did...

By 1_million_Sloths

You got us into this mess
Our futures are unravelling
Under the sea bits of plastic 

Running after us as we scatter away

Get us to safety
Everywhere is hell
Nowhere is safe from these tiny plastic cells 

Entering the gates to this whole new place
Rushing to another place, just to find it’s all the same 

And none of us can call it earth without a hesitation 

Tundras of floating horrors
In the ocean and on land
On the buildings in our lungs
Never above us has such horror hung

Rest assured we will be saved
Untying the bloodstained wool
In the end we notice these are only myths 

Never will such fate occur
Even in the last minute
Do you notice this is all your fault

Lighthouse Keeping


don’t speak

let the sand Wash over your feet

like the waves that crash and the shores complete

with beauty where land and ocean meet

a locked Embrace of nature’s love



don’t look

just feel the breeze as it Softly shook

The maiden up high in the Lighthouse nook

where she Laughs for the ones that the seas ne’er took

for they envy her so



don’t leave

for the wAter it calls you, it tumbles and weaVes

through minds of mountains as they disbelieve

this stolEn promise, the maiden deceives

when you turn your back, as you will

When your bones go numb

I know         how to stop time. 

watch your troubles dispel

as your thoughts turn sublime 


bow your head

and see a white horse

tenderly kiss

celestial shores. 


sporadic moments

of sheer bliss

when she ventures out further.

Lulled into her abyss. 


soon you are cocooned

by an icy elixir

that glazes your skin

with balmy whispers


and when your bones are numb 

time does stop.

So bow your head

and see this white horse.

Damn the toothpastes finished

By Olive Hosker

Washed it out

Watched the little beads go down the sink

Heard them wash away

Down they went into the sewer

Out they went into the rivers

Out they went into the oceans, floating there forever

Until the fish came and gulped them down,

There the beads sat, fizzing but not budging

And then the fish went back to his friends

They swam some more

They came to a river and swam upstream

They jumped and wriggled in

And then the claw went in the fish and into the jaw of the bear

The little beads (remember those) settled in the bears stomach

The bear curled up for the longest hibernation of them all

Damn the toothpastes finished.

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