Nature, soil and the future of food

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What next?

What can I do?

Eat differently

Ditch animal products

Encourage your institution to take a small but impactful first step in their canteens and commit to #NoBeef or Meat Free Monday. Or go all the way, and pledge to Plate Up For The Planet and receive recipes, tips, inspiration and motivation while you’re at it.

Make farmers the heroes

Empower farmers to employ farming practises that put the soil first, storing more carbon and improving human health, by purchasing food grown organically. If you’re in the UK, check out Riverford’s Organic Veg Boxes which can be sent straight to your school or home.

Buy diverse and in season

Heading down to Farmers’ Markets or Greengrocers’ rather than a supermarket is an easy way to find food that’s organic, in season and (importantly) varied. If you’re in the UK, you can find a farmers’ market near you using this website

Cut down on food waste

Did you know that the tomatoes wasted at home every year have the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions of 51,000 cars?

Love Food Hate Waste have compiled an enormous list of ingenious (and delicious!) leftover recipes and tips for planning, freezing and making your food last longer. Apps like Too Good To Go and Olio let you rescue perfectly good food that would be wasted from cafés, restaurants, shops and supermarkets, so that it gets eaten by you or your school instead.

Support nature

Stop ecocide