Poetry with Phil

We asked our students to submit their poems based on Phil’s 10 minute task: Personification through Poetry

Congratulations to our Competition winners!

Their poems - which we think are brilliant! - are below.


Tall, slim and wears a rubber top-hat, 

He speaks in words and pictures,
Sometimes softly, sometimes LOUDLY,
But always in control.

He moves effortlessly, rubbing out
mistakes as he goes,

Always trying to get better.
As time went by, the pencil got older.

Shorter,shorter, shorter, shorter...

Until he was no more.

By Calum, Primary 7


By Orlaith, Primary 6

Revenge is a sweet, sweet thing,

His eyes are bloodshot and dead like the motionless corpse of a bird's prey,

His breath smells salty, like the middle of the ocean,

He walks in and out of rooms with purpose, while his shadow lags behind him,

His touch feels cold and rough like the blade of a knife wiping past your arm,

He carries a briefcase, filled with the luxuries of hundreds of gambles that he's won,

His voice is as cold as ice and monotone as the terminator,

His favourite thing to say is "I hope my friend Karma slaps you in the face before I do."

Revenge is a sweet, sweet thing.


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