Our Story

Why AimHi?

We began AimHi because, with schools closing around the world, millions are missing out on many months of learning.

We are building AimHi for the future because we believe that the role of teachers is changing...

More information than ever before is available online, and yet with unprecedented challenges unfolding around us, far too many are demotivated, disempowered and disengaged.

Furthermore, with celebrity culture shifting away from scientists, explorers, poets and authors, and an increasingly pervasive social media, our young people desperately need better role models.

At AimHi, we focus on inspiring curiosity, building bridges between disciplines, nurturing critical thinking skills, demystifying complex concepts, and providing strong, positive role models. Through making knowledge more accessible to all, we are furthering the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 4. We also strive to open up the world of work, exposing our students to the many available paths they can take through life.

We don’t think “success” should be defined by short-term information recall or the number of top grades: instead we work to enthuse and empower our students, measuring progress by how much our students want to keep learning, and how much they want to act to improve our world.


We are rapidly assembling exceptional teachers and charismatic role models, with outstanding knowledge, strong characters and an ability to interconnect highly varied ideas, so that we can inspire and captivate our growing community of students around the world.

By teaching via an online platform, we not only overcome challenges of distance and separation, bringing accessible education to almost anyone; we also free teachers from the need to control disruptive students, so we can focus on being charismatic tour guides of educational adventures.

By welcoming and motivating live interaction, we give everyone the opportunity to ask questions, think critically and steer the journey. Thousands of students are able to take part at once, all with a chance to engage and interact with in real-time via live chat, polls, puzzles and more.

Our live lessons are targeted at ages 8 to adult, and centre around big questions like...

  • Are humans really the smartest animals?

  • Should trees be paid more than footballers?

  • Why do we sleep?

  • Do we live in a simulation?


Our teaching is linked to key curriculum points, so that it complements and aids progress in the traditional school system, though our priority is always to inspire, enthuse and broaden the minds of our students.

If you resonate with our story and you'd like to partner, collaborate or work with us, please write.

If you're a student, check out our Aimbassador program!