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Online Safety

We use the most robust online systems available, and carefully considered procedures to protect our learners.

Key Safety Provisions

  • The visuals and audio in our live lessons are all one-way. Students can see the teacher and the content they're presenting, but teachers cannot see students. Students are not video-called, and the only way they can communicate with the teachers is via text chat.

  • We use the livestream platform Twitch to run our text chat, enabling their strictest moderating settings, to filter out inappropriate content.

  • Chat is also actively monitored by our team to ensure that there are no inappropriate discussions.

  • All live lessons are recorded.

You can view our full safeguarding procedure here:​

You can find more online safety advice at ThinkUKnow. If you have any further concerns, please contact us at

Data Protection

Our teachers and team respect the privacy of students, parents and colleagues and never pass information to any third parties.

The storing and processing of personal information about students and educators is governed by the Data Protection Act 1998 and when handling such information all teachers and tutors must comply with the Data Protection Principles.


Email addresses are stored through MailChimp, and information on their security and data protection can be found here. We do not require any sign up to watch the live content that we create, but in order to access the live chat, you will need a Twitch account. Some additional class notes and recordings may require email sign up. Subscribers may then receive further updates.

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