Nish Varatharajan

Asking the BIG questions

What makes a fox sly? Who is responsible for Covid-19? Why did Jeff poison his Grandma?

Nishan Varatharajan is a researcher and educator, concerned with ethics and systems thinking in critical social transitions. Prior to moving to the UK, he led the launch of Samsung Adappt (Australia’s first apps-for-good design programme for young people), designed and delivered the Global Leadership Conventions (a series of one-day leadership conferences with over 20,000 high schoolers across Australia and New Zealand) and co-founded Bloodless (an award-winning social enterprise streetwear label). Nishan holds an MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History from the University of Cambridge, and an MA in political theory and design from the University of Sydney.

Thoughtful & creative

When we asked Nish for a fun photo of himself for the website. He sent this picture of him as a banana.


We believe he met the brief.

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