Josh Wick

Teaching is more than a career

Joshua Wick is the head of Key Stage 3 Science at The Archer Academy in North London. However, he believes that teaching and learning should extend to all life both in and out of schools. Joshua has been working with young people in summer camps, schools, and organisations such as ChildLine since he was twelve years old; and naturally, has developed a great passion for facilitating the development of society's future.


Joshua knows the importance of accessible teaching and learning and believes that through AimHi this vision of educational egalitarianism can take steps towards reality.

Is the term nerd or geek? I always forget..

Joshua has a keen interest in science and scientific phenomena. Making him excited to share his findings with anyone who'll listen! However, this man is not just a one-trick-pony; Joshua spends much else of his time to his love for climbing, growing things, building things, and Dungeons & Dragons.

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