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Everything you need to know about climate, nature and how to make a difference. A live and interactive four-part course.


“Inspirational advice on facing this terrifying global situation addressed with kindness, patience and humour.”

- Amy Marshall


“Simply superb; straight up to date facts delivered without judgement or blame. Highly inspirational.”

-- Dave Hampton


“Amazing course! It has reinvigorated my desire to communicate the climate crisis to others.”

-- Dan Hoye


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Facts without context are just facts. They don’t tell the full story and they don’t move us.

AimHi Earth has brought together the expertise of top-level scientists, educators, behavioural psychologists and communicators, creating the world’s leading live-learning experience for understanding the climate and nature crisis, how to talk about it and how to be an agent of positive change.

For too long, we have been given uninspiring data and overwhelming facts when what we really need are emotionally compelling narratives.


None of the greatest transformations in history were led with a bar chart alone. They were led by stories.

Determination, energy, and courage appear spontaneously when we care deeply about something.

– Meg Wheatley, Writer


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