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Our challenges are for people who want to imagine, create and do something great.


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Re-Package the Future

Re-imagine supermarket and single-use items

This challenge is part of a series leading up to COP26. Created alongside different partner organisations, Re-Package the Future is aimed at young innovators.

The Background

Next time you enter a supermarket, try playing this mental game: everything that is wrapped in plastic becomes invisible.

How empty does the supermarket look?

Even though UK supermarkets have started to address their use of food waste and single-use plastics, more must be done.

In fact, a 2020 3Keel and Greenpeace study suggested that supermarkets still use a total of 114 billion pieces of plastic packaging per year.



The Future Dictionary

Your chance to create a word for the future AND win £100


The challenge

We need to radically rethink our use of plastic. To help tackle the problem, we want you to design the supermarket...of the future!

How could you reduce single-use plastics?
How would you structure the shop?
How could you encourage customers to be environmentally conscious?
Be creative!

Email us with your picture/ description/ design, along  your name, age and contact details to

The prize

The top submissions will feature on our Instagram page, be published in partner channels (TBC), and be put forward for a cash prize (TBC).

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Open for entry

The Future Dictionary

New words for a changing world. Your chance to create a word for the future and win £100


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