The Innovative Online School That Puts Nature First

14th October

Ever wonder what creatures live in a puddle? Or how to become an environmentalist? Or how soil can save our species? 


The folks over at AimHi believe that learning is powered by curiosity. AimHi is an online discovery platform offering live, interactive lessons where students ages 8+ can learn and be inspired by charismatic role models and exceptional teachers, for free. AimHi puts nature—and climate education—at the centre of all its programming, encouraging students to connect with and protect the natural world. So far, AimHi has reached over 15,000 students in 5 months and has featured inspiring guests such as environmentalist Dr. Jane Goodall and climate activist George Monbiot. 


What is it?

A project that began in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, AimHi was founded by scientist and environmental activist, Matthew Shribman, who is devoted to making science as accessible as oxygen, and Henry Waite, a governor at a school in Tower Hamlets who loves to communicate the wonders of nature. At its core, AimHi seeks to create true equality of opportunity—whether a student would like to access courses that correspond to their syllabi (such as, “How does the nervous system work?”) or venture out into unknown waters with discovery lessons (such as, “What is dark matter?”). AimHi is looking to break down the barriers between disciplines to foster an atmosphere of creativity, rather than conformity, enabling students to feel empowered to follow their interests. 

How does it work?


AimHi is able to offer live lessons—as well as recordings of previous lessons—to everyone who has access to a computer or smartphone at home or at school. This organization hopes to be a resource used by both students and teachers—offering a chance for students to engage with mentors and role-models in different fields such as science, philosophy, geography, computer science, and poetry. AimHi operates on an interactive platform that allows students to fully engage with the instructors, inspiring guests, and peers through a chat function. 

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Vital Signs of the Planet: Global Climate Change and Global Warming. Current news and data streams about global warming and climate change from NASA

Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

What’s next?

True to its mission to put nature first, in the coming months AimHi will be working with the Eden Project, the Rainforest Trust, and a multitude of charismatic speakers to spark curiosity through climate education that is accessible and inspiring. AimHi is about to deliver a certified  climate course: for teachers, parents and students to give them the content and confidence to teach and discuss climate education more fully.  

Where can I find AimHi?

A commitment to nurturing curiosity and critical thinking skills, building bridges between disciplines, and offering students spectacular role-models makes AimHi an incredible resource for students and teachers alike. To find out more, head over to to see for yourself!