Understand the
climate crisis
(and how to make a difference)

AimHi’s Climate Course 

Let’s break through misinformation and focus on solutions. Get to grips with key climate concepts in just 4 short lessons and feel empowered to make positive change.

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Four short, interactive sessions delivered live
Informed by expert scientists, and psychologists
Great resources, going beyond the science

This course is for you if:

  • You want to understand the climate and nature crisis, in a constructive way

  • You’d like to discover solutions and ways you can make a difference

  • You’re ready to feel empowered and inspired from the best seat in the house (yours)

  • You want your learning to be hopeful and engaging, led by charismatic role models

Everyone’s welcome!
We recommend this course for ages 16 and up, but younger learners are welcome to join.

About the course

Our recipe is simple: four fantastic lessons, knowledgeable leaders, and a hefty shake of inspiration. Delicious.

Live and interactive, this course is bursting with science, psychology, and solutions! You’ll get to engage with our expert teachers, ask questions, and share ideas. Plus, since the lessons standalone, you can dip in and out of learning to satisfy your schedule.

Lesson 1 (45 mins)
Carbon, tipping points and our simplest solutions
  • The psychology of the emergency
  • Key topics like tipping points, net-zero, and feedback loops
  • What system changes and individual actions are most urgently needed to make a difference
Lesson 2  (60 mins)
Nature, soil, and the future of food
  • Are we experiencing the sixth mass extinction?
  • Could soil be our saviour?
  • What does this have to do with our diets, and what can we do about it?
Lesson 3  (60 mins)
Population, pollution, and finding a balance
  • Why it's so hard to think globally

  • Where our waste goes

  • Air and plastic pollution

  • The complexities of our growing population

  • Why protecting nature is the key to preventing future pandemics

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Lesson 4  (75 mins)
How do we fix this? Making the impossible possible.
  • How to tell a climate solution from a greenwashing quick-fix
  • The ways we can all act to avoid catastrophe
  • Economics
  • The ways we can all act to avoid catastrophe
  • Our biggest solutions
What you’ll get:

By the end of this course, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to talk to anyone about climate challenges and positive solutions. You’ll feel energised and empowered to take action on a personal level, and push for change at a systemic level.

We’ll send you a set of comprehensive resources and references at the end of each lesson, which have been fact-checked by climate scientists, to help you spread knowledge and drive real change.

We’ll also issue you with a certificate of attendance for doing something really, really great

Why AimHi?

Our expert teachers deliver the information that matters, in an engaging way, while always being friendly and reassuring


Said they would recommend our course to others


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We run this course as not-for-profit. Our mission is to make world-class live learning accessible to everyone, and this is why most of our lessons are free.


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