AimHi’s Climate & Nature Course

Everything you need to know about climate, nature and how to make a difference. A live and empowering four-part course.

Returning July 2021


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About the course

AimHi’s world-leading climate and nature course is back!

We’ve brought together top-level scientists, educators, behavioural psychologists and expert communicators to equip you with all you need to know about climate, nature and how to make a difference.

Get to grips with key climate concepts in four short interactive lessons and feel empowered to make positive change. Let’s break through misinformation and focus on solutions.

This course is recommended for people aged 16 and above. You don’t need any prior knowledge to attend.

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Understand the climate and nature crisis

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Develop as a communicator

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Discover solutions

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Get empowered and become a catalyst for change

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Enjoy learning that is hopeful and engaging


What you will learn

We’re facing a major problem. This course illustrates our situation’s gravity but energises and empowers you, rather than leaving you feeling anxious and hopeless. If we’re going to face this crisis together, we all need to understand it. What’s more, we all need to feel enabled to weave our understanding into everyday conversations, actions and future plans.

Lesson 1: Carbon, tipping points and our simplest solutions (45mins)

- The psychology of the emergency - Key topics like tipping points, net-zero, and feedback loops - What system changes and individual actions are most urgently needed to make a difference

Lesson 2: Nature, soil and the future of food (60 mins)

- Are we experiencing the sixth mass extinction? 
 - Could soil be our saviour? 
 - What does this have to do with our diets, and what can we do about it?

Lesson 3: Population, pollution and finding a balance (65 mins)

- Why it's so hard to think globally
 - Where our waste goes
- Air and plastic pollution
- The complexities of our growing population
 - Why protecting nature is the key to preventing future pandemics

Lesson 4: How do we fix this? Making the impossible possible (75 mins)

- How to tell a climate solution from a greenwashing quick-fix 
 - Economics
 - The ways we can all act to avoid catastrophe
 - Our biggest solutions

What you'll get

AimHi - climate course - confidence and

Confidence and knowledge to talk to anyone about climate challenges and positive solutions

A certificate of attendance for being part of a transformative movement

AimHi - climate course - resource packs.

Comprehensive resource packs, thorough references and a chance to directly ask our experts your questions

AimHi - climate course - optimistic and

You’ll feel more optimistic and energised to take action on a personal level, and push for change at a systemic level

Who’s teaching?

We teach in a style that is friendly, welcoming, reassuring and inspiring. Your teacher for this course will be Matthew Shribman.

Matthew is a science communicator, environmentalist and the Head Teacher at AimHi. He has appeared across the BBC and spoken for TEDx London and UN Ops. He holds a 1st Class MChem from the University of Oxford, and is an expert climate and nature communicator.

The course will feature special guests; past AimHi guests have included George Monbiot, Jane Goodall and Chris Packham. You’ll get to engage with our expert teachers and guests, ask questions, and share ideas.

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Matthew Shribman

Head Teacher at AimHi

Course dates

Lessons happen over four consecutive weeks via a live-stream.

There is a suitable start date for almost every global time zone. Click through to Eventbrite to see non-UK times.

Start day

Monday, 12 July

Sunday, 18 July

Time (UK)




4 weeks

4 weeks

Course fee



Our lessons are modular, which means that you can start on later lessons.
If you miss a lesson, there may be a chance to attend a re-run later that week.

*This is a not-for-profit project, however we're in a global emergency and our goal is to reach as many people as we can.

If you cannot afford a £25 ticket but would still like to attend, then email us on and we will give you a free ticket, no questions asked.

The stats
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Said they would recommend our course to others

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said that our course led to them discussing climate and nature with others more regularly and with more impact

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Said they felt more empowered and ready to be a catalyst for change

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Said our course increased their confidence more than they expected it to

When asked to rate the clarity of explanations, the average score was

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What people say
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Mary Favre

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I signed up for the "Understanding The climate Crisis" course and absolutely love it! Very educational, whilst staying approachable, completely digestible and above all insightful to a point where you will be left feeling clear on what actions to take and why. Matthew is not only very knowledgeable, he really has a natural way to teach whislt keeping his audience engaged. 
I truly recommend AimHi course, they are incredibly well designed for all age and all background!

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Kay Fender

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I've just finished the AimHi 4 part course, "How to Talk to About the Climate Crisis to Anyone" and am so glad I did it. This was an interesting course, very informative and put me right on some misconceptions I had. I was worried it might be too depressing, maybe a bit preachy, too "dumbed down," or the opposite - too difficult, but found no problem with any of that. The presenter was a lovely guy and the whole feel of the thing was hopeful, kind and friendly.


Got questions?

Is this course for me?

This course is for anyone who wants to understand the crisis, obtain solutions and become a more impactful communicator. It doesn’t matter what level of understanding you start with. This course has been particularly popular with learners aged 16 to adult, but younger learners are welcome to join too.

I can’t make those dates. Is there another course?

We are aiming to run the course every two months. If you cannot attend this run, and another is not yet listed, please sign up to our mailing list for updates.

What if I miss my lesson?

Good news! We are running our lessons three times a week; once on Wednesdays and twice on Sundays. The link to join the lessons is the same for every session, so you can join whichever lesson suits you best each week. We hope this means that, regardless of your time zone, you’ll be able to catch at least one of our lessons live, during the week. If you do miss a lesson, get in touch with us at as a recording will be available shortly after the lesson

What if I can’t afford the course?

If you can’t afford the ticket price, please email us at and we will give you a free ticket, no questions asked. ​

How can I access my resources?

You will be sent the resource packs by email after every lesson.

Is there a way we can help?

Yes! We are always looking for more people to collaborate with AimHi so get in touch!