Want to be an Aimbassador?

Our education system is almost the same as it was 200 years ago! All around the world people are disengaged from learning, but of all the times in history we need people to be learning, and wanting to learn.

We don’t need to be learning searchable facts, we need to be learning how to think, how to collaborate, and how to problem solve. We need to be learning about what really matters.

What do Aimbassadors do?

Aimbassadors are people who represent and spread the word about AimHi. Our Aimbassadors are students and young people aged 17 to 25. We provide Aimbassadors with access to email templates, posters, and suggested ideas of who to contact to help spread the word about AimHi. We also encourage Aimbassadors to be creative and share their own ideas on how to promote AimHi. You may have ideas that we’ve never considered! 


16 or under, or have children younger than 17 who want to get involved? We are currently developing a Young Aimbassador hub. For those aged 26 and over, we are also currently in the process of developing our AimHi Champions community. Please contact us at team@aimhi.co for more information about either of these future groups.


What are the benefits?

You'll be part of an innovative, dynamic organisation, that is reinventing education. You'll also get access to Aimbassador community events and professional development that will help develop your communication, leadership, environmental, and advocacy skills.

The Aimbassador community

We are building a community of enthusiastic individuals from all over the world. AimHi will help you build connections with other Aimbassadors, organise events and support you to organise your own Aimbassador events so that you can learn from other like-minded young people.


Who would make a great Aimbassador?

​Someone who...

  • Wants to see education designed more around students needs

  • Wants to see nature at the centre of education

  • Thinks that online learning can and should be done much better

  • Has a global outlook and wants to be part of an international community

  • Thinks education should be accessible to all

  • Appreciates that solving the world's biggest problems will require fairer access to education


Get in touch to apply!