Our Missions

  1. Make world-class live learning accessible to everyone.

  2. Provoke curiosity and a desire for discovery in as many people as possible.

  3. Empower people to think critically, to act on the basis of evidence, and to be wiser and kinder stewards of our biosphere and communities.

  4. Prepare global citizens for roles that don’t yet exist, and inspire diverse voices to tackle the world’s biggest problems.

  5. Put nature first in all of our thinking.

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Our Values

Our school is powered by curiosity. It celebrates creativity over conformity and seeks to bring down barriers between areas of study, people and nations.


We are working to build a school where the messages of great role models span borders and cultures, where people learn to be better global citizens, where diverse ideas flourish from all walks of life, and where true equality of opportunity unlocks the full potential of our societies.

Nature First

Our world is in crisis - soaring global temperatures, seas full of plastic, rapidly vanishing wildlife - and we have everything to lose.

Nature is a key stakeholder in all of our school’s decision making and teaching, because nothing is more important.

Creativity & Perseverance

No positive change ever happened in the world by doing things the way they’ve always been done.

It takes creativity to invent, courage to stand by what is right, and perseverance to bring about progress. Our school supports the seemingly possible when it needs to be done.


All of us are born full of questions, yet innate curiosity is often driven out of us by an outdated education system.

Curiosity is the catalyst for discovery, understanding and mastery; it’s where all of our teaching begins.

The more we learn, the more curious we become!

Patience & Kindness

Learning takes time, and all of us learn at different speeds with different needs.

We teach with trees in mind; remembering that no tree is alike, no tree grows in a day and that interconnectivity is vital. This kind of teaching takes patience, compassion and kindness.


In nature, if one creature dominates, all others suffer. Healthy ecosystems are communities built on strong relationships.

We are building a school that rejects zero-sum thinking and promotes international kinship and collaboration.

Humility & Authenticity

The universe is vast and strange, and we don’t know most of what there is to know.

Our school celebrates questions over “correctness”, and our teachers, whilst experts in their fields, are always honest about how much we all still have to learn.


Ancient forests are teeming with thousands of species, while monoculture fields support little life, as their soil degrades to dust.

We know that we are strongest when we are diverse and so we work hard to amplify a spectrum of voices.

Positive Impact

If we’re not trying to change the world for the better, we’re living in the wrong time.

We celebrate people and organisations working to safeguard nature and further humankind, and we encourage and empower people to do the same.


If you resonate with our missions and values, and you'd like to partner, collaborate or work with us, please write.

If you're a student, check out our Aimbassador program!


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